Washer Water Inlet Hose Part Number 8212487RP


Why You Should Check and Change Your Washer Hoses

Be sure to check the hoses that fill your washing machine. Over time, rubber fill hoses can become enlarged and burst, leading to flooding and water damage inside your home. Replace worn or damaged washer fill hoses with new ones.  

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Need help finding a water inlet fill hose for your washer?  Call our parts hotline for expert help at 877-298-9977. All in-stock parts ship in 1-2 business days, direct to your Wayne, NJ home! 

Changing your washer hoses is an easy DIY job. Bob Vila has a good article on how to do this yourself: https://www.bobvila.com/articles/bob-vila-radio-washing-machine-hoses/.

Or, call us for help with this washer maintenance job or any other washer repair.