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What to Do When Your GE Dishwasher Is Loud

GE Dishwasher Is Loud

Isn’t it just a pain when your dependable GE dishwasher stops operating silently and starts making a ton of noise? It can sure throw off your kitchen vibes! Let’s take a deep dive into the noisy world of dishwashers and figure out what’s going on and why your GE dishwasher is loud!

The Top Reasons Why Your GE Dishwasher is Loud

These handy helpers can sometimes turn into loud, clattering machines. But what’s causing all this racket? Let’s dig in and learn why your GE dishwasher is loud.

Overcrowded Dishwasher

Why is my GE dishwasher so noisy? Packing your dishwasher to the brim might seem efficient, but it can cause quite a noisy clatter during the wash cycle. This can also lead to dishes not getting clean and dishes coming out wet.

How to fix: The answer here is simple—don’t overload your dishwasher. Every dish needs its space!

Why is my GE dishwasher so noisy

Problems with the Dish Rack

Got some parts on your dish rack that aren’t in place or are damaged? They might be causing a ruckus by banging against your dishwasher’s insides.

How to fix: Take a good look at your dish racks. Keep an eye out for damaged bits or anything that could be smacking into the dishwasher’s walls, put things back in place, or get a replacement dish rack if you need one.

Drain Pump Issues

Is your dishwasher making noise when water circulates? It might be a drain pump issue! The drain pump is the workhorse that gets rid of the water. If it’s blocked or starting to fail, you might hear a buzzing or humming sound.

How to fix: Take out the drain pump filter and clean it out, then inspect the drain pump for any debris or blockages. If it’s clear but the noise continues, it might be time for a replacement pump.

The Spray Arm Is Off Balance

Why is my dishwasher so loud when spinning? The spray arm—it’s like a little power washer for your dishes! But stuff too many dishes in, and the arm can get knocked out of line. This can make your dishwasher sound like it’s auditioning for a percussion band.

How to fix: Take a peek inside your dishwasher. If the dishes are obstructing the spray arm, adjust them. If the arm itself looks damaged, it might need replacing.

Why is my dishwasher so loud when spinning

Loose or Broken Chopper

Wondering what a dishwasher chopper is? Most people don’t even know it exists! Imagine a tiny garbage disposal—that’s your dishwasher’s chopper. It helps break down food bits so nothing gets clogged. But if it gets loose or breaks, it can cause quite a stir and a lot of grinding sounds from your dishwasher.

How to fix: Check the chopper for any damage or anything jammed inside—it’s usually located beneath the drain pump in the bottom of the dishwasher, but you’ll likely need to take apart the dishwasher to get to it. This is usually something best left to a technician.

Pump Motor Issues

Trying to figure out, “Why is my dishwasher motor so loud?” The pump motor—it’s like the heart of your dishwasher, and while normally it produces a dull hum, sometimes it can make some loud noises if it’s having some issues.

How to fix: This fix is a little hands-on. You’ll need to disconnect the dishwasher, find the pump motor (usually hiding under the dishwasher), pull out the old one, and put in a new one. Feeling unsure? A professional can sort it out in no time!

You know, while you can tackle some of these issues head-on, sometimes it’s better to call in the dishwasher service professionals.

If your GE dishwasher is loud and you’re thinking, “I’d rather have a professional deal with this,” don’t forget we’re right here at Handler Appliance. Just give us a call, and we’ll restore peace and quiet to your kitchen. And make sure to keep an eye out for more appliance advice on our blog!