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Keeping your washer and dryer in optimal shape not only helps keep your utilities low, it helps keep you safe. A malfunctioning dryer is a fire hazard, which is why our team offers dryer cleaning and laundry “tune ups.”

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Handler Appliance provides repair services for a broad spectrum of washer and dryer brands. This ensures that customers can rely on us for issues with appliances from manufacturers such as LG, Maytag, and Whirlpool.

Our team is skilled in handling a variety of problems, offering solutions for both common and complex issues across these and many other brands.

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washer & dryer repair frequently asked questions

If your washer is struggling to spin properly, check the balance first. Front and top loaders need to balance the clothes for proper spinning. If the load is too small or too heavy, the washer might not reach the spin speed.

Drain pumps often get clogged by small items of clothing, residual gunk or other debris. Many washing machines have a drain pump filter, that you should check and clean out regularly. If your machine doesn’t have an access door to clean out the drain, feel free to call our expert technicians to fix it for you.

While we specialize in repairing washing machines and dryers, you can help extend the life of your machine with these simple steps.

Believe it or not, keeping your washing machine clean is an important part of its longevity. Here are a few ways you can help extend the machine’s life.

  • Don’t use too much detergent. For your washing machine, you likely need less soap than you are using. Nowadays 99% of the washing machines are HE (high efficiency), so you only need about 1or 2 tablespoon for the whole load, even less if a water softener is installed in the house.
  • Remove wet clothes quickly and leave the door ajar in between loads to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Run full loads, but don’t overload the machine. Running small loads means you are using the machine more than necessary but overloading can be hard on the mechanical parts. You can always check your manual for load recommendations.

Help extend the life of your dryer with these tips from our professional Handlers!

  • Clean your lint filter every single load. It cuts down on drying time, saves energy, and discourages lint buildup.
  • Do not use dryer sheets. Studies have found that dryer sheets leave a residue in the dryer and can be detrimental to the machine’s components as well as contribute to vent lint buildup.
  • Have your vent professionally cleaned yearly. It is an absolute must, especially if your ducting runs up to the roof, under the house, has elbows, or is longer than 5 feet.
  • Do not push your dryer back too far against the wall, pinching off the vent. It simply won’t dry well and causes the lint to back up into the unit, causing a fire hazard.
  • Keep the area under and surrounding the dryer clean.
  • Make sure the exterior vent is not blocked. It needs to be clear of any type of debris, birds nests, soil, firewood, etc.