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Whether you are constantly frustrated that your dishes never seem to come out clean or if you have an urgent issue, such as a leak, our pro’s are here to ensure that your dishwasher runs like new. Save yourself the hassle of re-washing dishes or searching for temporary fixes and let the Handlers handle it! So if you have…

Or any other trouble with your dishwasher, give our team a call and let the Handlers handle it!

popular questions

One of the most common issues is the amount of detergent you are using. It is important that you check the manual for the recommended dosage. By following their recommendations, and using the appropriate amount for each cycle, you will achieve the best wash results.

No. You don’t have to pre-rinse, but you do have to scrape. Always scrape the debris off the plate prior to loading. After you scrape, you don’t have to rinse. The food left on the plate actually activates the soap’s action!

No! No! No! Even a little bit of hand-wash soap can create intense foaming, which can cause the unit to leak during its cycle.

Absolutely! Dishes should always be placed upside down so that water slips off the surface for complete drying. Ensure that plates do not overlap and create areas where the jets of water are unable to reach. Last but not least, check that the spray arms can rotate freely without being obstructed by your dishes.

P.S. Silver items should never be cleaned in the dishwasher, it will discolor them permanently.