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Washer Making Noise? Here’s How to Silence the Sound

washer making noise

Ah, laundry day! It should be a symphony of rhythmic water splashes and the hum of machinery. But, if instead, you’re treated to a cacophony, you’ve got a washer making noise. But fear not! Let’s get down to the heart of these unexpected concerts and find out how to turn the volume down.

Why Is My Washer Making Noise?

The intricacies of a washing machine’s sounds can tell us a lot about what might be going amiss. The key is to identify when these sounds occur during the cycle.

Washer Making Noise During Wash Cycle

The wash cycle is the heart of the laundry process, and any noise during this stage can be quite alarming. Overloading is a primary culprit here, causing the machine to become off-balance. Not only can this lead to a racket, but it can also wear out your washer more quickly.

When you hear unusual noises at this stage, first check the load. Make sure you’ve evenly distributed the clothes and that you haven’t surpassed the machine’s weight limit. Sometimes, stray items like coins, keys, or even children’s toys can find their way into the drum, leading to the unusual sounds.

To prevent future mishaps during the wash cycle, always ensure you empty pockets and follow the manufacturer’s loading guidelines. Regular maintenance, such as checking for loose drum paddles or worn-out door seals, can also play a significant role in keeping the noise level down.

how do you fix a noisy washing machine

Washer Makes Noise When Spinning

The spinning phase can be quite energetic, and any imbalance here is amplified. One of the frequent reasons for this stage’s noise is the uneven distribution of clothes inside the drum, causing it to shake violently.

But what if you’ve checked the balance and it still sounds like a spaceship launch? It might be a more technical issue, such as worn-out drum bearings or even problems with the motor. Inspecting these parts might require some expertise, but it’s a worthy check if you want to avoid bigger problems down the line.

A good practice is to always sort laundry by weight and fabric type, which can help ensure a more even spin and reduce strain on the machine’s components. And of course, a regular visual inspection can be beneficial.

Washer Making Noise But Not Spinning

This scenario is particularly puzzling. If you hear sounds, but the drum isn’t moving, it might be due to a broken or worn-out drive belt, a failed motor, or even a problem with the machine’s control board.

You might need to remove the rear panel of the washer (with the power disconnected, of course) to inspect these parts. Depending on the issue’s nature, this might be a DIY fix with the right replacement parts, or you may need professional intervention.

To ensure a longer life for these components, avoid running very small or extremely large loads, as they can put undue stress on the system.

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Washing Machine Making Noise When Filling With Water

Water should flow smoothly into your washer. However, if you hear loud noises or thudding sounds during this phase, it could indicate a problem with the inlet valve or a blockage in the hose or filter.

Another reason might be the water pressure in your home’s plumbing system. If it’s too high, it can cause a loud rush of water, and if too low, the machine might struggle, causing gurgling noises.

Checking and cleaning filters, ensuring a kink-free hose, and occasionally inspecting the inlet valve can help nip these issues in the bud.

Washer Makes Noise When Draining

If your machine sings the blues during draining, blockages in the drain hose or a malfunctioning drain pump might be the stars of this show.

Sometimes, lint, small clothing items, or debris might get lodged in the drain, preventing water from flowing freely. Regularly inspecting the end of the hose and keeping the lint trap clean can be beneficial.

However, if you’re hearing a loud, consistent hum or buzz, it might be a sign that the drain pump motor has gone rogue and needs replacement.

When all DIY avenues have been exhausted but you still have a washer making noise, it’s time to call in the experts. Handler Appliance provides fast washing machine repair for all makes and models to ensure you’re treated to a peaceful laundry day.